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Why Would a Lesbian Sleep with Men?

I am a lesbian, and I have slept with men. Multiple men. That makes it sound like a lot. I think it’s just a solid 3. And as the doctor who called me fat stared incredulously at me in the exam room, I realized she was incapable of understanding why someone who called themselves aContinue Reading

The Cat Clinic of Cary Took My Cat

Update 6/26/2014: Because I have dropped the matter entirely, I have edited this post to the past-tense and removed the doctor’s information and any mention of my legal actions. I am now attempting to move on. I don’t know if I’ll adopt another cat. Probably not for a while. I donated all of my cat stuff toContinue Reading

It Costs $95 to Lose a Friend

I don’t know where to start. Usually, I try very hard not to drag other people into my personal writings. I’ve had experiences I want to write about, but don’t feel comfortable blogging about. This isn’t about a professional confrontation. It’s 100% personal, IRL drama. But I need to get it out before I letContinue Reading