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On Ferguson.

No witty titles or funny introductions. I’m not good at politics, or talking about serious social issues, but I think even someone like me can figure this one out…

America is shitty to black people on a regular basis.

Chuck Wendig is way, way better at talking about this than I am.

I really just want to make three main points…

  1. Yes, white people are privileged, but apologizing for your privilege is not an action. We (all of us, black/white/brown/red/yellow/mixed/polish/whathaveyou) recognize the system is flawed, what we need is to fix it.
  2. Violence is not an acceptable fix for violence.
  3. Social media is not an acceptable replacement for joining the fight.

Donate to a minority cause. Get to know the people in your neighborhood as equals. See people of other colors as just people. Indict criminals. Encourage peaceful solutions.Engage in face-to-face discussions.

Remember this when it “blows over,” because racism can be as significant as shooting a child in cold blood and as casual as making a joke on a stage.

It’s time to change.

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