10440734_672799262818653_8128015894358414536_nHi, I’m Corey!

I’m Corey Freeman, the female internet entrepreneur and creativity addict.

At 22, I spend my time doing stand-up comedy, singing original songs, writing short stories, and blogging about life.

Professionally, I build websites and teach people how to build websites. I’m a WordPress Expert and Headway Themes specialist and I love working with businesses and professionals to create an easy-to-use, lasting online presence.

If you want to know more, read about me here.

From the Blog...

How Having Depression Affects My Business

As I stared into my bank account willing $50 to become $500, I thought to myself, “why am I broke?” It’s not like I don’t know how this happened. But why is it still happening? The painfully obvious answer is that I’m not putting in the work. The first Headway Themes related website I builtContinue Reading

Reflecting on 2014…

I’m supposed to blog about my whole year now, right? I don’t really want to. I want to look towards 2015 instead. I mean, I guess I could sum up what happened to me this past year. I got a cat stolen. I got my heart broken. A best friend turned out to be basicallyContinue Reading

Do I Regret Becoming a Cyberbully in 2014? Not Really.

First, cyber bullying is a serious problem that affects many everyday. The laws regarding online harassment are shaky at best, and it doesn’t take much for a psychopath with a keyboard to reduce a victim to an anxious and depression-ridden mess. That being said, there is a ridiculously large dividing line between “cyberbullying” and “aContinue Reading

All The Way to the Butter End (Thanksgiving, 2014)

First, thank you, Kenny Cook, for the best pun ever. Second, here’s what happened. I was tasked with making stuffing for Friendsgiving, which is like Thanksgiving but with friends instead of family because apparently my family was busy working and would be too busy to hang out with me. I bought two bags of cubed,Continue Reading

On Ferguson.

No witty titles or funny introductions. I’m not good at politics, or talking about serious social issues, but I think even someone like me can figure this one out… America is shitty to black people on a regular basis. Chuck Wendig is way, way better at talking about this than I am. I really justContinue Reading