9 Changes I’m Making for 2014

9 Changes I’m Making for 2014

The fun people from Young Female Entrepreneurs challenged us (us being the YFEs of the world) to come up with three things to stop doing, three things to start doing, and three things to do more of. This seemed like a better idea than a resolution, and more specific than Chris Brogan’s words, so here goes.

3 Things I’m Stopping for 2014

1. Biting My Nails

This is a personal goal for me. I’ve been a nail biter for a while, and I know it’s part OCD, part stress, part bad habit. I’m not sure how I plan to give it up, but I’m confident this is the year it finally ends. I’d offer to track my progress but that’s probably gross.

2. Overhauling Website Designs

I love design. But I should probably love design for other people instead of always revamping my own designs, so I’m working really hard to setup this blog and leave it be, except for adding more posts. Headway101 is also getting left alone.

Second Guessing Myself

After nearly 10 years, I’m probably good at my job by now. I know WordPress, I know what makes websites fast and interactive, and all that’s left is to sell and deliver.

3 Things I’m Starting for 2014


Everybody’s podcasting now. And you know what? It’s fun. If for some reason you don’t know that I build stuff with Headway Themes, now’s the time to watch me do it on the “Working with Headway Themes” podcast.


I actually enjoy exercise. Things like lifting heavy stuff, going to cardio dance, and practicing yoga are fun and make me feel good. I just have to do it more. Maybe I’ll even walk the dog. It’s cliche, but it’s happening. This year I become an African god! (because Greek gods are white.)


Did I tell you about my horrifying food expenses? I think I did. I’m going to attempt feeding myself like a grown-up this year. If not for my health then for the health of my wallet.

3 Things I’m Doing More of in 2014

Personal Blogging

Putting out my opinions online is both freeing and educational and empowering and stuff. I won’t say I’ll blog daily, but it’d be nice to get there. I’m definitely posting more, though.


Sorry Dad and psychiatrist. It feels too amazing. Naps are the future, dammit.


Self-explanatory. I am a capitalist, after all.

What Changes Are You Making in 2014

Comment below with your 3 or 6 or 9 or 50 biggest changes.

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    Great chatting with you tonight on BlogChat Corey.

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