Who is Corey Freeman?

10440734_672799262818653_8128015894358414536_nMy name is Corey Freeman, and I’m a blogger, WordPress Expert, and standup comedian.

I mostly teach people how to build awesome WordPress websites with Headway Themes. Sometimes I build the websites myself.

When night rolls around, I kick back and tell stories about flooded bathrooms and gay bullies and whatever’s happening on stage here.

Why Should You Read This Blog?

I do a lot. You could know me as someone who builds websites, someone who sends out funny tweets, someone who makes money with websites, someone who does standup comedy, or someone you met at the doggy daycare drop-off. But all of those someones are me, and if you want to know me better, this is the place to find out about the whole person. The Authentic Corey.

Also I have a really cute dog that I sometimes compile stories about.

My Favorite Blog Posts

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