The Cat Clinic of Cary Took My Cat

The Cat Clinic of Cary Took My Cat

Update 6/26/2014: Because I have dropped the matter entirely, I have edited this post to the past-tense and removed the doctor’s information and any mention of my legal actions. I am now attempting to move on. I don’t know if I’ll adopt another cat. Probably not for a while. I donated all of my cat stuff to GentleCare, who in turn will either send it to Second Chance Adoptions or some other animal shelter.

Update 6/23/14: I have thought long and hard on this, and in the best interests of everyone involved, I am dropping my efforts to regain Martini/Bell and walking away. The amount of stress, fear, and high tensions this situation has caused is simply not worth the health of everyone involved, and it’s time to move forward in our lives.

Thank you to everyone who has positively supported me in this matter.

The WNCN Story is Here

The CCC Statement is Here

Here’s what happened.

I was considering adding an animal to my family, when my friend told me about a cat at the Cat Clinic of Cary named Bella who could use a good home. I went to look at Bella, and as soon as my friend said “this is no life for a cat,” I knew I would be taking her home.

Bella/Martini at the Clinic

I filled out an adoption application. The paper had fields for my name, address, phone number, date, if I had ever owned a cat before, why I wanted the cat, and what I would do if the cat required $500 or more of medical expenses. The paper didn’t contain any sort of adoption terms, fees, agreements, etc. It was basically a paper with my contact information.

Bella had been given up by her original owner when the owner had no home, then re-homed. The next owner brought Bella back to the CCC after moving to a place that didn’t allow cats. The next owner had a similar situation, leaving Bella confused and returned a total of 3 times.

I interviewed with Dr. Jenn [full name redacted] on Friday, June 13th. She didn’t have any concerns about my taking the cat. She simply asked that although I had a regular vet I take Olive to, that I bring Bella to them for any care as a favor. The clinic loved their little Bella, soon to be renamed to Martini.

Friends were visiting that weekend, so I made plans to pick up Bella the following Monday. I spent the weekend getting everything ready, including a baby gate to keep her secluded from my dog, a furminator to control her shedding (it’s like a really expensive brush), a litterbox, some natural litter, a stick with a feather on the end of it, and a cat carrier. I picked out a red collar (to match Olive’s) with a bell (cats are too quiet) and had her new name and my number engraved on a blue nametag (blue to match Olive’s blue bowtie).

Monday, June 16th, 2014, I picked up Bella. The tech took her from her confinement area, dropped her into my carrier, and asked if I’d paid. I hadn’t paid, and wasn’t aware of the fee. It turned out to be a “standard adoption fee” of $150. I paid with my card, having already committed to getting the cat, and took the new Martini back to my house.

Martini explores the laundry.
Martini explores the laundry.

Getting Martini Fixed Up

Martini was nervous but otherwise settled in well. My friend stopped by to see her, and noted that her nails were a bit long when Martini awkwardly stuck to the carpet and feathery cat toy. I didn’t even know cats got nail trims, and I filed this away in the back of my mind.

Tini was also shaking her head awkwardly, at regular intervals. She rubbed head-first against several surfaces. I wasn’t concerned until I got down on her level and noticed what looked like a cobweb stuck to her ear. I carefully pulled at the string, and realized it was some sort of crust. It came away with a bit of a give, and her ear began to leak a sticky fluid. It was well past 7pm, and I texted my friend to let her know it looked as though Martini had an ear infection.

My friend let me know that doctor Jenn does house calls on Wednesdays and wouldn’t be in until Thursday, so I called my regular vet, GentleCare, to schedule an appointment for Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 at 10:30am. A quick look confirmed that Martini did indeed have a bad infection in her right ear, and a mild infection in her left ear. They cleaned her ears and prescribed me a medicated solution to be applied once a day.

While I was at GentleCare, they also did an overall wellness panel, trimmed her nails, and microchipped her. Tini was too upset to allow for a fecal sample, so I was sent home with instructions to collect that as well.

The total came out to just under $300, and I made an appointment to have Martini groomed at GentleCare so we could get the dander and extra fur off her.

Martini finally accepts her cat bed.
Martini finally accepts her cat bed.

Returning to the Cat Clinic of Cary

This morning, June 19th, 2014, I called the Cat Clinic of Cary to let them know I was upset about the condition I received Martini in. I expressed wanting to have my adoption fee refunded, given the cost of the medical care, and pointed out that they should have checked her prior to giving her to me. The receptionist informed me the doctor would call back later to let me know about the refund.

I got a call back, with the following conversation…

The doctor would like you to please bring her [Martini] in so she can look her over, and to bring any medical records you have with you. If you could come now that would be great.

I grabbed Martini and her medical records and drove down to the clinic. When I arrived, I was told that Dr. Jenn was in surgery and would need a few moments. The receptionist/tech asked if she could take Martini back to an exam room so she could be looked at. I gave her the cat and waited patiently on the bench.

That was the last time I saw Martini.

Dr. Jenn came back out with a check for $150. As I recall…

I’m honestly really upset about the way this whole thing went down. We had a verbal agreement you would bring her here for any veterinary care. She had no sign of infection. So here’s your money back, we’re taking the cat back, she will not be going home with you. I don’t think it’s a good situation and you can take the money or leave it. I’ve shredded your adoption application, so that no longer exists.

Dr. Jenn returned to the back room. I turned to the receptionists/techs and asked them to show me the paperwork that said the vet could reclaim the cat, or any law that said the cat could be taken. They had no answer for me. I pointed out that I had vet records, and demanded to get a copy of whatever papers I may have signed.

Dr. Jenn came back out then, fairly livid.

(Dr.) You know what? We’ll write you a check for the difference. You got duped. Her ears were spotless, she had no sign of infection.

(Me) I just had her ears cleaned yesterday. I pulled the gunk out of her ears with my own hands.

(Dr.) I’ve been a vet for 15 years. She’s been here for 3. There was no infection. Nobody could clean a cat’s ears that well. I’m going to have to ask you to leave the premises or I’m going to have to hit the police panic button.

(Me) I’ll be back with them myself.

From the Clinic to GentleCare and Back

I went immediately from the Cat Clinic of Cary back to GentleCare and asked to speak to the doctor. I explained the situation, and received all of the information they had on hand as well as a written statement confirming Martini was treated for an ear infection. I took the documents and met my friend back at my house, to call the police.

The police listened and transferred me to a sheriff(?). The sherrif told me he would call the Cat Clinic of Cary and return my call after he talked to them. When he returned my call, he told me that there was no criminal action, and that because they wrote me a check, there was nothing they could do. It was the equivalent of “returning clothing you’re unhappy with to a store.” He also let me know that in hindsight, I should never have brought Tini back to the clinic.

My friend called the Cat Clinic of Cary offering to adopt Martini/Bella herself to give her a good home. She was told by the receptionist/tech that it was not up for discussion, and that Bella was now Cat Clinic property and would spend the rest of her life at the clinic.

Bella is 5 years old, which means she could very well spend the next 15 years of her life at the clinic if she’s not adopted out.

My friend and I returned to GentleCare to inquire about lawyers they might have that take animal cases, and got a few numbers. I called my Dad to explain to him what was happening, and let him know I planned to return to the Cat Clinic of Cary to try one more time to get the matter resolved. He advised that I cash the checks so I had my money, because as soon as I walked through the doors, the clinic would call the police and put a freeze on the accounts, ending up with both my cat and my cash.

We stopped at Suntrust and I cashed the checks, getting the sum in dollars and cents, and carefully placed the sum in the folder with the rest of my documents. Then my friend and I returned to the Cat Clinic.

Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted

The clinic had posted a sign on the door saying they were open and to knock. They had locked the front door. I knocked on the door, surprising the tech, who told me I wasn’t allowed in the building and needed to leave. I told her to call whoever she had to call, because it would give me time to say what I needed to say.

I explained to the receptionist/tech that I simply wanted it done. They could have their money back and I wanted my cat back, and the matter would be resolved. She told me I needed to wait outside, and I asked her to pass the message along to the vet.

I waited outside for the police to arrive. I explained the story to them top to bottom, and presented them my paperwork.

They entered the clinic and spoke with the vet. They came back out and explained that because I was written a check, it was a civil dispute, and there was no criminal activity. I would have to go down to the courthouse in Raleigh and discuss the matter with small claims. The doctor claimed that a contract stated I was legally bound to bring the cat to the Cat Clinic of Cary for treatment, and any breach in contract meant they could seize the cat. I didn’t see, wasn’t aware of, and didn’t sign a contract. The police didn’t receive a paper, either.

They took down my friend and my drivers’ license information and phone numbers, as the clinic had officially had us banned from the premises. If we go back to the clinic, we’ll be arrested for trespassing.

Later Steps

I went down to the courthouse and was told I’d have to file a suit with small claims, and have the clinic served. Basically I need to file for having my property returned, although the magistrate will want to know about why I asked for the pet fee back.

I’ll clarify here again that it was because of the high medical costs and the fact that Martini was obviously not given a checkup of any sort before being given to me that I requested a refund. The adoption fee sum is nowhere near the amount I spent having her checked out and looked over. I would give them all of their money back in exchange for Martini.

UPDATE 6/23/14: Good morning. I have thought long and hard on this, and in the best interests of everyone involved, I am dropping my efforts to regain Martini/Bell and walking away. The amount of stress, fear, and high tensions this situation has caused is simply not worth the health of everyone involved, and it’s time to move forward in our lives.

Thank you to everyone who has positively supported me in this matter.

Update 6/26/2014: Because I have dropped the matter entirely, I have edited this post to the past-tense and removed the doctor’s information and any mention of my legal actions. I am now attempting to move on. I don’t know if I’ll adopt another cat. Probably not for a while. I donated all of my cat stuff to GentleCare, who in turn will either send it to Second Chance Adoptions or some other animal shelter.

  • Scared?

    Taking down my posts, huh Corey? When I started questioning you character, you started running for the hills, didn’t you? Hmmmmm? Why? Cause you know your shit is weak and when the truth hits the media, you are going to look like a shithead. You know you are. Maybe you can fall back on your lame ass comedy routines instead of trying to scam and ruin businesses. Good luck!

    • MagdoleneLives

      You seem very pressed. Rather than continuing to harass this user personally why not take up a hobby? Soothing Silk Weaving, for instance?

    • Shelley

      I’m not pressed. I’m not crazy. I’m a well rounded professional. I am a happy customer of Dr. Jenn’s services. I’m just amazed that so many people are being duped here. The truth will come out, and I don”t know the whole story yet, but I have a funny feeling that Corey is trying to pull off something illegal. That is why Jenn has not spoken out. She’s getting her ducks in line here. Corey is doing something illegal, Jenn smelled a rotten egg and now Corey is proposing a media campaign to tarnish her image. I’m just guessing here, but Corey is not going to come out this looking pretty.

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        There is nothing “well rounded” or “professional” about trolling a blog’s comment section spouting unsupported claims about the author and threatening the people who support her side of the story (regardless of how many sides there are).

        You keep making these claims that the vet is “getting her ducks in a row” and claiming Corey has done something illegal. What, exactly, was illegally done? Support your claim or STFU.

        You accuse Corey of being narcissistic, but you seem to want to focus this whole comment section on YOU and what YOU claim. Including claiming to have personal knowledge of Corey, and then insulting her job with vague claims. That tells me you’re not really involved with CCC or even a local, but are likely just a troll who’s latched onto this discussion to feed your need to stir the pot.

        But, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and let you prove you’re a local. There’s a house near CCC that has signs all around it. Where is it and what’s the building across the street from it?

        Answer that and I’ll believe you’re actually from Cary and have something to do with this situation.

        Otherwise, you’re just a troll looking for attention. Something none of us should be giving you.

    • Shelley

      Someone please show me the legal precedent where negative commenting on a blog post is subject to a lawsuit. But there are legal precedents when someone is trying to pull off a scam and then vilify a business that can result in legal action.

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        It was YOU who said that the posts here could be used as the basis for a lawsuit.

        So, what is the building I asked you to identify?

      • Shelley

        I personally do not have to prove ANYTHING to ANY of you, including Darryl. I know where I live and it’s in the area and I have had 4 cats who have been patients of the CCC since 1998. I don’t know that house you are talking about, but that proves nothing. I do know I love the food at the Tangerine cafe in that shopping center! Great Singapore noodles!

    • Shelley

      I never claimed that I personally know Corey. I asked if anyone here personally knows Corey. I do personally know Dr. Jenn. You all are defending someone you know nothing about. You don’t know her character, you don’t know her motives. You just saw this blog and immediately got all up in arms, sharing it on social media, and perpetuating this campaign of defamation. People are posting negative comments on review sites without having used CCCs services. You are part of the problem and as I’ve said, you’ve heard one side. You will hear the other in due time.

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        You said:

        “I also tried to watch your stand up, but didn’t find it funny. Kind of pathetic, actually.”

        which is trying to insinuate you’ve had some level of interaction with her. But, again, I don’t believe this any more than I did at the time you posted it. Then I just thought you were being pathetic in an attempt to get back at Corey. Now that I know you’re not even a local, I’m giving your posts even less weight.

        Still haven’t named the building. ANYBODY who uses CCC would know what I’m talking about. But somebody who’s just trolling this blog post wouldn’t because you can’t just Google Street View the clinic to find what I’m talking about.


  • KK

    I’m not sure which is funnier, Shelley’s obsession with this website or her conspiracy theories on all the commenters colluding together from across the globe over a cat fight. Little does she realize how little any of us care beyond a passing interest in this story. Maybe Shelley should be the one doing stand up! She’d probably excel at long form improv.

  • J.W.

    I’ve been following this story since it popped up on my FB newsfeed. I feel so badly for Corey and Martini and I hope in the end Corey will get Tini back. I know if someone took my dog without cause, I would everything I could legally to get him back.

    That being said, yes, I know we haven’t heard CCC’s side of the story (and I am just as curious as everyone else is about what it could be), but you know, they could have very well told their side of the story via their social media when the story went viral. It’s not like they didn’t have access to the internet. Instead they decided to clam up and deactivated their FB page without posting a single comment. Of course it was their right to do so, but obviously this isn’t going to sit well with everyone…it makes the CCC look guilty of stealing the cat. They’ve had more than enough time to explain their side of things…as is, their most recent post asking all interested parties to wait another 24 hours for their side of things makes me wonder why on earth do they need a whole other day to explain? Just telling people exactly what happened and why shouldn’t take more than an hour or two if it’s the truth.

    CCC really needs a new PR person…once they were aware that the issue went viral, they should have immediately done damage control…instead the CCC decided to bury their heads in the sand.

    As for Shelley (or do we call you “Scared?” now?)…I can honestly say that I look forward to reading your posts every day. Thank you for providing me and thousands of others a good laugh. You started out sounding like an intelligent, calm, rational person, and I have to admit I agree with your earlier post about there being two sides and that we should wait to see what CCC posts, but your recent posts have ended up sounding…well…crazy. All the things that you have accused Corey of doing…you in turn are doing. You are threatening her, insulting her, slandering/libeling and have generally made a mockery of yourself. You say you hope Dr. Jenn and CCC sue the pants off Corey but from you’ve written…Corey has more than enough to sue the pants off you. I’ve read and reread Corey’s blog several times and no where does she ever say she wants to harm the Dr. or the clinic. In fact, she has stated several times that she would prefer people NOT threaten or harass the clinic or its staff and that all she wants is her cat back. Think about it…it happened to you…what would you do? Walk away?

    P.S. Shelley, Corey isn’t taking down your posts..there are so many comments now that there are 3 pages of them…scroll down and you’ll find tiny links for pages 1, 2, and 3.

    • Shelley

      There are legal reasons why Dr. Jenn hasn’t spoken out. There is more here than meets the eye and you all are going to feel like fools for defending Corey when the story does come out. Corey has some “issues” apparently. Just wait….

      • OhNo

        You sound like a cunt.

  • Darryl L. Pierce

    Yeah, this “Shelley” is not a local. She’s just a troll. My advice to everybody is to just ignore her at this point since she’s only trying to feed some need for attention.

  • Karelle

    Just for the record, I DO know Corey, professionally. She has helped me with website building issues on several occasions and has always been prompt, courteous, helpful, friendly, and patient. I know that proves very little, but a recurring theme in these comments is that no one knows Corey.

    Shelley, I’ve been watching these comments since the beginning – you appear to have progressively slid into paranoia and irrationality. You’re not making a good case for sanity here.

  • Shelley

    First I’m a Dr Jenn sock puppet, then I’m a troll. Oh and I’m paranoid, insane, crazy..need I go on? Why in hell would I want to prove who I am to you people? Some of you are sending death threats to the CCC and Dr. Jenn!! Who is nuts here?

    • Darryl L. Pierce

      It’s called an evolving opinion. Only someone closed minded would make up their mind and not change it based on newly revealed facts.

      And to answer your last question, you are. For your desperate need for attention in trolling this comments page, you are most definitely lacking in something emotionally or maturity-wise.

      So, gonna name that building near CCC? Or does the fact that you’re not REALLY a client of CCC or even a local keep you from faking that knowledge?

      • Shelley

        Hmmmmm? Who’s trolling now? Darryl T. Pierce? Seems like your name is popping up here too A LOT.

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        Ha, yeah, I’m the one trolling. I’m supporting the person who wrote this blog post but that’s somehow trolling? That’s rich.

        So what’s the building I asked you to identify? Seems you’re just not able to identify it. It’s a real no-brainer for a local because it’s right around the corner from CCC. You can’t miss it!

        Unless you’re a troll not from the area. Like you.

      • Shelley

        Do you have any cats Darryl? Have YOU used CCC services in the past? Test for you, what is the name of the tortie kittie in the office who has short legs and sweet as a cupcake? What happened to the cat in the office that is dragging it’s hind legs around? Hmmmmm?

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        Why, yes, I do have cats. And no I’m not a client of CCC. And I’ve already said that I’m not because of the negative reviews of CCC that were posted *8 years ago* when our cat joined the family. My wife and I decided to go elsewhere to have her cared for since we didn’t want to have her spayed by someone who didn’t feel pain meds were a necessary part of recovery.

        But I see you found a post about a tortoise shelled cat in CCC’s newsletter and are trying to pretend you have some inside knowledge. Try again, we can google too.

        Maybe you can name that building I asked you about earlier?

      • Shelley

        Sorry, I’m not FROM Cary originally. I don’t LIVE in Cary now. I don’t have inside knowledge of what building you are referring to. I don’t really care if you believe me or not either. It proves nothing.

      • Shelley

        What’s the tortie’s name, Darryl?? IF you found it. Also, what color is the cat that has the paralyzed back legs? Did you find that in your “newsletter”?

  • Megan

    Can we all just agree to not give “Shelley” any more bait here? No sane person that has been keeping up with this actually believes she says who she is, or even possibly lives in town, and, throughout the last 48 hours, she has psychologically fallen apart in front of all of us. She continues to seek negative attention, and by responding to her, we are all enabling it, myself included (b/c at one point it was pretty fun). None of what we say in this section really matters in the grand scheme of things. If the person identifying herself as Shelley was an animal lover, even for just 4 days, she would empathize a little bit more with Corey’s dilemma. I’m sure the truth will come out in the end. Whatever happens, though, the cat should still be known as the ultimate victim here and I really hope someone is snuggling and caring for her right now.

    • Darryl L. Pierce

      Sounds good to me. “She” isn’t from the area and contributes nothing to discussion, good or bad.

      • Leslie

        The cats name is Nicky and the cat was hit by a car. Just FYI Darryl.

  • Karelle

    Megan, I think you’re right.

    Troll or not, Shelley doesn’t seem to be able to have rational discourse, and whether or not she’s from the area, continuing to pay attention to her is only winding her up more.

    I know it’s tempting, but continuing to challenge Shelley’s take on reality serves no good purpose and it’s not nice, or supporting the cat’s well-being, to continue to argue with her.

  • Shelley

    Believe me, I’m having as many laughs here at you all, as you are of me. I don’t care. I don’t give a flip what you are thinking about me at all. I just know you all are VERY naive and are defending someone you know nothing about. And a situation you only partly know anything about. I will laugh even harder when Corey is exposed.

    • MellyMu

      Seems odd that you would claim that Corey is lying and just has it out for the CCC yet you’ve said nothing to back up your own statements. All you do is elude to this all important information that is going to come out once someone else figures out their end? If you knew anything or were trying to make Corey look bad (as you obviously are) why not go ahead and share the earth shattering info with those who have taken actual interest in the situation?
      I can tell you that, as a lawyer, Corey has not expressed any ill will or intent to harm or those at the CCC. Corey has merely exercised freedom of speech thru a blog with no expectation that it would “go viral.” There have been no libelest remarks made against the CCC by Corey. It was simply a recount of the events that occurred in his/her own life.
      You, “Shelly,” on the other hand could be charged with harassment, defamation, libel/slander, and emotional damages.
      I do not know Corey, nor do I live in Cary (I live in another area of NC). I was just disturbed by the attacks you were making and supposed claim of information you have that is/was forthcoming.
      Think of it this way…if you adopted a baby from a mother who wanted nothing more than to give the best home to her child and an open adoption. You had made all the preparations, fixed up a nursery, baught formula and diapers, the works. Then when you get the baby home, you find that the baby needs tubes put in its ears asap. So, being the loving, adoptive parent that you are, you of course have the procedure done. The next time you talk to the mother, you mention what had happened. The mother asks you to bring the baby to see her and when you do, she takes the baby back claiming you should have asked her before having that done. Even though, legally you are now the baby’s parent, the birth mother refuses to acknowledge your adoption contract and forbids you from seeing your new baby again. How would you feel? Just a question.

  • coreyfreeman

    I have decided to stop pursuing this matter. Please read here:

    • Missie

      I’m actually sad about all this nonsense. A friend of mine adopted a dog from a humane society in Pitt County. She was told the dog was 5 years old, spayed and had a full medical check. All lies. She’s closer to 8 – 10 years old, never spayed, and had a severe bladder infection.
      Being close to that similar situation, I can see the frustration. I understand the stress and wanting it to go away. But sadly, I truly don’t believe you should give up the cat. Especially if they possibly left her with an ear infection, long enough that it was starting to affect both ears.
      I, myself, own two cats. If I was in a similar situation, I wouldn’t stop the fight. Mostly because I truly believe in animals being in good homes. The fact that you took her in as soon as possible to get looked at shows yours would be a far better home than the shelter.
      But that’s my personal opinion. Best wishes in your endeavors.

  • Shelley

    Oh well, lookie there. Looks like Corey is dismissing the small claims suit. Hmmmmm. Maybe she realizes that she probably is going to be “found out”.

    • coreyfreeman

      Shelley I’m going to have to ask you to stop commenting on my personal website now. If you have an “issue” you would like to “expose” then do so, but your speculation and harassment will no longer be permitted to continue on my website.

  • Shelley

    OH SURE, you don’t know what I’m talking about. More bullshit.

  • Shelley

    This is going to start turning out like the hoax of the maimed little girl getting tossed out of KFC. Somebody trying to make a buck off the sympathy of the public.

  • Sean

    Corey, thanks for keeping people updated. I really feel sad for you and Martini (and Olive). It’s too bad that it turned out like this. I don’t know anything about CCC so I never commented on their practice, though I had one of my cats to see Dr. Neri while she was at a different location (she was pretty good IMO). Anyway, sorry for the way it turned out, I think you would have given Martini the best home she could have asked for.


  • Sarah Nageem

    Corey, I’m with The Cary News, and I’d really like to talk to you about all this. Will you email me? Thanks!

    • coreyfreeman

      I’ve replied to your email.

  • J.W.

    Oh Corey, I’m so sorry for how this has turned out for you. It really sucks that Marini will now be stuck at the CCC but maybe when this all blows over, she’ll be put up for adoption again and she’ll find her way back to you. Part of me wants you to not give up, that you need to do whatever it takes till there is a final decision on this case, but the other part understands that this has taken a major toll on you. Take care of yourself and I hope you’ll find some peace and happiness. Martini is lucky she had someone like you in her corner.

  • Lindsey

    Good to see that Psycho Shelley has made her way to the Cat Clinic of Cary Facebook Page! Great entertainment.

  • Psycho Shelley

    Everyone, be sure to check out CCCs FB page and news link. CCC has reveled their side of the story and have lawyers on retainer. Apparently, Corey (who is sooooo heartbroken) demanded that CCC take back the cat. The cat never had a ear infection. Guess Corey’s “scam” was an EPIC FAIL.

    • Luce

      Jeez Shelly lighten up. I honestly don’t believe Corey was scamming anyone.

      Honestly its sad that corey couldn’t get her cat back.
      However I do want to believe that Dr. Jenn had good reason.

      The truth of the matter is the issue was not handled properly.

      But Shelley, you are just being straight out mean. You have gone to great lengths to speak negatively of Corey. On here, on Facebook, on the news article. But Corey has been discouraging everyone from being negative about the clinic.

      Unfortunately there are a lot of crazies in this world. And some people get riled up easily and don’t respond to reason.. Those are the ones attacking Dr. Jenn.
      But dont become one of those people yourself.
      You have never met Corey thus cannot judge her character. Just as I have never met Dr Jenn nor Corey. Therefore I can only judge based on what I have been presented with. That means both Corey’s account an the clinics.

      There are holes in both stories. But I don’t believe Corey was scamming. I believe it to be a misunderstanding brought forth by the clinics lack of a proper written contract . bit you live and learn. Hopefully this does not happen again.

      Corey, I’m so sorry you didn’t get tini back. I know it will take time to heal. The loss of a pet is always difficult. But please consider looking at animal shelters. There are many shelters that euthanize and one of those cats would love to hard your home with you.
      But take the time to heal. Go show olive some love. Olive will help you feel better .

  • Lauren

    Just saw the story on WNCN. Way to get the word out there. Don’t give up, Corey! So many people are on your side!

  • L

    Don’t know if anyone has read the comments section. But it seems like Dr Jenn. Is pushing her friends to write positive things so she wont look bad. How odd.

    • Judy

      I’m sure there are many clients who have had a positive experience. How they handled this adoption and then repossession, though, borders on the edge of legal proceedings – stolen property. It needs to go before a judge and get straightened out so that it doesn’t happen again.

  • Artyom

    Not to be a dick, what kind of name is Martini for a cat? Also, Darryl, Shelly, chill the hell out.

    • coreyfreeman

      I named Martini after my dog Olive. So, Olive and Martini. olive is named after detective olivia benson from law and order SVU.

  • Shelley

    Corey, it finally hit me when I watched your WNCN piece on the news last night what your true motive is. Your true motive is not for the welfare of Bella, nor is it money. Your motive is publicity. You seem to be really going the limelight and lack the talent and writing skills to truly succeed in that aspiration. You found that you cannot do it on your own merits, so you saw an opportunity to exploit, denigrate and defame a veterinary practice. You had this cat 4 days. I do not believe the cat had an ear infection. My cats have had ear infections and they don’t disappear in a couple of days. Independent vets found no evidence of the infection. You are an opportunistic bully who is only out for yourself.
    So you are having your 15 minutes now. Guess what? In the next week or two, you will be back to being a talentless nobody. This is how it works. The public gets outraged about certain issues that they run across on the web. All these people have no skin in the game, they just get on social media and express their rage and eat the red meat. Then they have their fill. It lasts for a week or two. It will be over. People will forget about this, you and Bella. Bella will be adopted by another person and she will be fine. Dr. Jenn’s practice may take a hit, but it will come back. You, on the other hand, will go back to your cave and look for another opportunity to get your face on the news.
    I’m not the type to go for this red meat stuff. I find it repugnant, actually. But I feel that it is important to dig into. Dr. Jenn has served me and my cats well. She has saved their lives when they were poisoned back in 2007 from tainted pet food. She has helped me with various health issues that cats have. She’s a good, caring person and I have absolutely no qualms about taking my cats back to her for care. She has done good things for the animals in our community. What have you done? What have you contributed to society? All I see is a mediocre, talentless young woman who is trying to get her mug on camera.

    • Judy

      Shelley, you’ve gone over the edge. Would you like the Cary/Apex businesses that are sponsoring your art work to be made aware of your actions?

      • Shelley

        Go for it Judy. Threat much?

    • Connie

      Hey Shelley,

      I just have to say please stop being rude and slinging mud. It’s doing more harm than good. Also I would try to stop from saying that Corey is talentless since well you yourself have no talent what so ever. Quick tip, Your portfolio site is dreadful in my opinion and you could really use a makeover for it. The user interface is bad and the color scheme is harsh on the eyes. I digress, please sick help it seems that you have fallen under the artist stereotype of being mentally disturbed. I hope you get the help you need along with your website.

      – C

      • Shelley

        Where did I claim to be a web designer? Also, art is a side job for me. You going to threaten me too? Lame…..

      • Shelley

        Also, Connie, what art gallery do you work for again? Since you know so much about art, you think?

    • Connie

      Not threatening you just giving you a heads up. My credentials don’t matter to you. You’d just call me a liar probably. I was just trying to give you a helpful tip.

      Hope you have a great day.

      – C

  • Kelly

    Corey, if I were you, I’d block Shelley’s IP addresses from your blog. She’s obviously obsessed with you to an unhealthy degree.

    • Darryl L. Pierce

      I totally agree. She’s now turned this into what appears to be a personal vendetta against Corey, with her attacks and posts. As if she thinks she’s protecting the vet against an enemy.

      • Shelley

        Darryl, don’t you have some “lawyer” stuff to do?

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        Aw, you needn’t worry about my job. I’m able to do it fine while pointing out the inadequacies in your life that you’re trying to ignore by attacking a woman who only wanted to adopt a cat.

  • Shelley

    Darryl., you seem a bit obsessed too. When the red meat is all gone, are you still going to be cheering Corey on to victory??

  • Megan

    Shelley, you are SUCH A CRAZY BITCH. There is just no other way to explain how blatantly rude, immature, obsessive, and bipolar you have come across. This dispute is now being handled privately. Why do you still have beef with Corey?? And, I can’t believe that you are calling her mediocre and talentless. The same could be said about your artwork. Please go focus your incredibly unhealthy attitude on something else. This case is now over according to EVERYONE.

    • Shelley

      She IS mediocre. Her blog is about mundane crap like getting fat. It’s all about HER and her boring daily routine. Also, I didn’t laugh once at her comedy. She acts like being gay is a big special thing. Woop dee doo. There are lots of gay people out there. So what?

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        And do you feel that you are going to teach her a lesson and show her that you’re better than her?

    • Shelley

      She is putting herself out there. She doesn’t like the heat, she should stay out of the kitchen. Not everyone thinks that what she is doing is on the “up and up”. If she’s going to vilify a business, then she should be ready for the blow back from people who see it differntly. If she doesn’t like it, take this blog down and stay off the news.

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        You keep using these words, like “vilify”. But I do not believe you know what they mean.

        What Corey did:

        Stating facts is not vilifying.

        Describing situations objectively is not vilifying.

        What YOU did:

        Insulting someone’s profession is vilifying.

        Questioning someone’s motivation, or suggesting they are not what’s claimed is vilifying.

        Going on and on claiming there’s some unknown thing that only YOU (because you have put a lot of effort into trying to equate yourself with the vet and act like you’re an insider) know is vilifying.

        Especially when you’ve been asked to support your assertion and you just keep brushing it off.

        You are such a hypocrite. BTW, *THAT* is not a vilification. That is a statement of conclusion based on the above assessment of your posts on this blog.

      • Shelley

        Really Darryl? So what from what school did you obtain your law degree? Don’t you have anything better to do, being a “lawyer” and all?

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        So, you don’t understand that calling someone a hypocrite isn’t providing a legal definition?

      • Camille

        Shelley, that comment is exactly like those comments that get directed at rape victims when they speak out–“If you didn’t want to be raped, you shouldn’t have left your house/worn those clothes/gone to that bar/talked to that guy”.

        As if Corey having a blog and voicing her opinions as a consumer somehow magically justifies or excuses your spamming her commentbox with your insane rantings and impugning her character because she dared say something that you don’t like about your dear friend Dr. Jenn.

        You’ve pretty much proven that you’re in dire need of mental health services. Please avail yourself of them before you cause harm to yourself or others.

    • Darryl L. Pierce

      My guess is that Shelley’s constant posts here are about feeding her own need for attention. She’s now trying to claim that Corey’s actions are somehow now against her as well. Talk about grandiose delusions, she appears to believe she and the vet are both the focus of this rather.

      • Shelley

        Get a life Darryl. You said your cats don’t go to CCC. Do you need a hobby?

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        Guess the truth of your hypocrisy hurts, huh?

      • Shelley

        Not hurting me. You are the one that seems so obsessed with Corey. Are you her friend? Trying to hit on her? News flash: She doesn’t play on your team.

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        Whoa, that’s quite the homophobic statement, Shelley.

      • Shelley

        Not homophobic at all. Just wondering why you are so obsessed with Corey? You wanna get with her, right? Tryin to look all “supportive” and “caring” aren’t you. Well, just letting you know you aren’t her type.

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        Again, another word you keep using that word “obsessing”. I do not think it means what you think it means.

        Supporting Corey because I feel she’s been wronged is not obsessing. It’s a positive action to let her know she’s not wrong.

        You posting here attacking Corey and anybody who supports here is obsession. You aren’t a part of the vet practice. You weren’t there when the decisions were made. But you wanting to claim that you are “personally affected” by this whole situation *IS* obsession, and bordering on gradiose delusion.

        Shelley, this whole thing isn’t about *you*. As much as that may hurt your feelings, this situation is not, nor ever was, about you. And despite your attempts to make it about you, that won’t change. Reality doesn’t budge.

      • Shelley

        Oh PULLLEEEZZE Darryl, Don’t you have some depositions to go to? You know, your lawyer stuff?

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        Don’t you have anything positive in your life you can focus on? Or is your whole day spent finding ways to be in opposition to others?

        I do feel sorry for you. Really, I do. Go find something to care about, to support and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find something that will fill that void in your life rather than masking it by trying to start flame wars.


      • Shelley

        And I believe Dr. Jenn has been wronged. Everyone here is just “oh poor Corey”. It’s such bullshit. She planned it this way. It’s going the way she wants and she is getting what she wants. She didn’t want a cat. She wanted PUBLICITY.

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        And, yet, your actions aren’t about supporting the vet. They’re about attacking Corey’s person.

        Or do you have some fractured, skewed world view that equates attacking one person is the same as supporting someone else?

      • Shelley

        You know the saying “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. Seems to me like you are doing the EXACT SAME THING DARRYL. You’ve attacked Dr. Jenn on this thread numerous times.

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        Cite examples where I attacked the vet.

        NOTE: Saying I didn’t go to a practice due to counter-recommendations is not attacking the vet. That’s called being an informed consumer and is not an attack,.

        Now, show me where I’ve attacked the vet.

      • Shelley

        Corey is using this unfortunate circumstance for personal gain. She’s got all of you so fooled! It’s amazing. You are probably sending her money (that’s she’s using on a new car next year). If any of you are running small businesses, you should really look out for this type of individual. There are lots of opportunistic people out there trying to run scams at the expense of someone else who is trying to do good and run a legit business. I’m sorry that you are all so gullible. Peace out.

      • Zachary

        Wow, it’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. One woman’s decent into madness…

        Shelley, you accuse Darryl of only supporting Corey because he’s attracted to her and wants to “get with her.”

        By that same logic, should we assume you have the same (only obviously much more intense) feelings for Dr. Jenn?

        I totally get where you’re coming from, from the photo on the news, she seemed to be a very attractive woman. I’m sorry she hasn’t reciprocated your feelings. I hope you weren’t the one making all of those death threats against her, out of spite for being spurned.

        You seem like the stalker type, so I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibilities. ;)

    • Megan

      I can’t believe you’ve done so much research on her. I had no idea she was a lesbian, nor have I seen her stand-up. She IS a good writer and that’s why I started following this story. It’s totally okay that you think she’s mediocre, that is your opinion. However, continually lambasting her for being “mediocre”, followed by ALL of the other very skewed details that you seem to have about this story (that NO ONE ELSE has) and becoming obsessed with really specific details is odd. I’m just wondering WHY THE FUCK YOU CARE SO MUCH. No one is asking you to stop seeing Dr. Jenn, so you should totally keep seeing her if you stand behind her values as a vet. I personally think she is probably an okay vet, and perhaps she was having a really bad day, did a few things she now regrets and obviously has no idea what damage control is. But, here’s the poop, Shelley You are making her look even worse than she already looks. I think if you spoke with her, she’d really ask you to quit the campaign of “standing up for her” because you’re losing the cause in a major way. And, on top of that, you don’t really have an issue with Corey. You’re not in a fight with her because she’s not fighting you back. You are in a fight with all of us because we feel it necessary to back her. When people (animal lovers, in this case) read/hear a story like this, it’s easy to become sympathetic because we can all resonate with how tragic it would be to have our pet taken from us. It doesn’t matter if we know her personally, until proof comes around that something is flawed here. I don’t just assume I’m being duped with every single story I read. I’m not that pessimistic of a person and I beleve in people more. She wrote a well-written piece, from her personal standpoint, and I, having already had a crappy experience with CCC, believed that another one wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities. Corey is not asking anyone to support her in this anymore. Your bullying words and messages continue to make me come back, and for that, I feel like I’m wasting a ton of time during my work day. But, Shelley, you are a huge train wreck. on fire. causing a traffic jam. If you’re bored and you want to pick a fight, why don’t you look me up on Facebook and start talking trash about me and leave Corey out of this. She’s not the one responding to you here. BTW, I fucking dare you to start a fight with me. I will go to Chef’s Palette with printouts of all your disgusting words and convince them to remove your artwork immediately. So, you probably don’t want to play this game either. But, you’re nuts so we’ll see…

      • Shells

        Ooooh Megan. I’m so scared. Threat much too? If you got time to print all this stuff out and go to Chefs Palette, be my guest. If it’s that much of an issue for you and you have nothing better to do. I’ll let the proprietor know how crazy you are with your threats. Let me guess, you were in on the Dr Jenn death threats too.

  • Shelley

    The reason I’m so passionate about this particular issue is this it’s affecting ME personally. Me and my cats. I really am really happy with Dr. Jenn’s practice. She knows my cats and their particular issues and she’s solved some of the problems they have. The practice is not far from where I live and I like the fact that it’s a cat only facility. What skin does anyone else have in the game here? You all want to vilify a practice because a one-sided story that you ran across on the internet. Yes I am going to defend Dr. Jenn and CCC because I believe that Corey is doing this to gain momentum for her narcissistic blog and her really super lame comedy routine. She’s an opportunistic bottom feeder. The kind of person that businesses need to remain vigilant about.

  • Shelley

    And if it’s over, why was Corey’s mug on my TV last night, in her obvious attempt gain more “public sympathy” for her plight? It was on there so more people will go to her blog and she will get more hits. She’s looking for publicity. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about a cat she had for 4 days. You all are so completely blind you have no idea what is truly going on here.

    [Editor’s note: the news segment was taped Friday June 20 and aired Tuesday June 24th.]

  • Camille

    Megan, Shelley is just a sad individual who seems to be in dire need of mental health services (as evidenced by her actions on this thread and on facebook).

    • Shelley

      Oooh, ouch, so hurt Camille. So where did you get your psychology degree from again?

    • Shelley

      Wow we got psychologists, art critics, web designers, and lawyers on this feed. Man. And how do all of you have time to read all this? Don’t you all have things to do?

      • Camille

        Actually, what you have are intelligent and sane people who are tired of all your crazy.

  • Shelley

    If you are so “intelligent” and sane, why do you keep reading it? There must be SOMETHING you like? Just like how you all latched onto Corey’s plight in the first place. Oh, poor poor Corey. Was FORCED to blog about her ordeal and get on the news because she’s had such a terrible time of it. Like having a cat for 4 days and then demanded the vet take the cat back because of an “ear infection”. All that media attention is just so awful. Boo hoo……

  • Camille

    Really Shelley, don’t you have somebody else that you can inflict your insanity on?

  • Shelley

    Did all you people just fall off the turnip truck? Are you all really this gullible? You really can’t even see what is really going on here? You can’t see that Corey is just doing this to bump up her hits to her blog? Getting all these people all over the country to come to her sight because of some “evil vet” stole her cat. You people are SERIOUSLY blind.

    • Darryl L. Pierce

      Ha! And you don’t realize that, with every single one of YOUR posts, YOU are putting money into HER pocket (assuming that’s the point of this site, as you claim).

      So, THANK YOU SHELLEY! You are contributing to this supposed cause!

      BTW, when someone thinks that they are the only one who can see a hidden conspiracy and that nobody else is aware, it’s called “delusional thinking”.

      You certainly meet the definition, as provided by Wikipedia


      These criteria are:

      * certainty (held with absolute conviction)
      * incorrigibility (not changeable by compelling counterargument or proof to the contrary)
      * impossibility or falsity of content (implausible, bizarre or patently untrue)[3]
      Furthermore, when a false belief involves a value judgment, it is only considered as a delusion if it is so extreme that it cannot be, or never can be proven true. For example: a man claiming that he flew into the sun and flew back home. This would be considered a delusion,[4] unless he was speaking figuratively.

  • Shelley

    I’m not the only one who sees this, believe me. I’m the only one with the balls to say it. Boy Darryl, starting to think you are obsessed with me now! Sorry, I’m married. Just can’t seem to get a break huh?

    • Reading from afar

      Shelly, you have issues.
      Seek help.

  • Darryl L. Pierce

    You certainly are interested in making this about you and bringing things to the lowest common denominator. But, sorry, you won’t bring me down to your level.

    I will only say that I’ve seen your pictures on FB and on your FB art page. You flatter yourself way too much here…

    • Shelley

      From your little avatar, you don’t look like no prize either, Darryl. Why don’t you get a hobby, or a job. You would do better at getting available women. Women like men who are employed and not commenting on blogs all day.

  • coreyfreeman

    I have chosen to ban Shelley from posting on my website. As I personally own the site, and in light of her commentary, I feel that’s the best course of action.

    • Darryl L. Pierce

      Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Megan

    Corey, thanks for finally putting an end to her crazy train.

    • Camille

      Sadly, it looks like she’s just posting again from a new IP address.

      • Darryl L. Pierce

        She could escalate to the ISP. Standard TOSs include provisions for abusive behavior online.

      • John

        Maybe from her employer’s network? I’m sure they’d love to know she’s posting abusive messages from company property.

  • Jack

    Everyone on this comment thread is being irrational. You’re all tearing apart anybody that doesn’t share the same opinion as you. The fact is that none of you, not even Corey, know the whole truth. You don’t know the reasons behind Jenn’s actions. As an unbiased person following this story I think you all are letting an ethos appeal control you emotions and your judgement while clouding your logic. I refuse to take a stance on this until ALL the facts are out, as I’m sure it will go to court.

    • Camille

      Oh look, a Middle Ground fallacy! I was wondering when somebody would show up with one of those.

  • Camille “If you keep slandering this business, it may turn really ugly for you.” — veiled threat. “I hope you are happy, Karma can be a real bitch and she may come back to bite you.” — veiled threat.

    Shall I continue?

    • Shelley

      That all you got, Camille? Show me where I’m personally thteatening Corey or her work. Like you all are to me. Veiled threats are subjective. Next….

  • Alex Paxton

    Dr. Jen has been my vet for many years and I adopted a cat through Cary Cat Clinic. Great experience and Dr. Jen and her staff were great. So that leaves, you, Ms. Freeman. With a statement and picture in this blog: “An unhappy Bella/Martini at the Clinic.” How do you know the cat is “unhappy?” It’s a cat clinic, not the Ritz- Carlton. At least the cat isn’t living in the sewer…or “not.” Then, you state that Dr. Jen said the following: “I’m honestly really upset about the way this whole thing went down.” Knowing Dr. Jen as long as I have, I can assure you, Ms. Freeman, such a “statement” would NEVER be part of Dr. Jen’s lexicon. While I could continue–ad nauseum–refuting and debunking your blog post I will say this: what ever this is you are attempting “to do,” this is absolutely NOT about the cat. It is ALL about you.

    • Darryl L. Pierce

      I’m surprised that, as a mere client, you feel you know absolutely what the vet would and wouldn’t say. I find it very illustrative when people think that random, infrequent interactions with people is the same as a deep, personal knowledge of that person.

      • Jack

        Yet reading a blog gives you full right to back someone attempting to potential ruin a persons life? Curious.

      • M. L

        “Ruin someone’s life”? Seriously? This person has done nothing other than tell what happened to her. She has condemned attacks, repeatedly, on the vet herself, and had to face plenty of unrelated personal attacks of her own, and that’s just what we’ve seen in the comment sections here and on Facebook.

        This needs to stop.

  • Nathasha


    Hey it’s me. @audaciouslady
    I wanted to let you know that I feel bad for you. But I feel worse for Martini. I understand your reasons for ending the fight. I wish you hadn’t. If what you are saying is true, Tini is not going to get better there. Nor will she get the medical attention she deserves.

    I think the biggest problem was giving back the cat. You should have gone with them. I never leave sight of my dog. I have to be 100% secure.

    I know! I know! Hindsight is 20/20
    I’m sorry for what you went through.

    I wouldn’t have edited anything either. I would have left it because this will help someone else in that situation.


    • coreyfreeman

      The edits were minor. Just removing the woman’s full name and the mention of a small claims suit.