Saying Farewell to Martini the Cat

Saying Farewell to Martini the Cat

The NBC-17 news story is here.

CLINIC UPDATE: the clinic has made their statement.

Good morning. I have thought long and hard on this, and in the best interests of everyone involved, I am dropping my efforts to regain Martini/Bell and walking away. The amount of stress, fear, and high tensions this situation has caused is simply not worth the health of everyone involved, and it’s time to move forward in our lives.

Thank you to everyone who has positively supported me in this matter.

Just An Update…

I had an appointment with my psychiatrist, who extended the average session time to give me time to explain my situation, and told me to look at how miserable the fight for Martini was making me, in terms of feeling as though I was suddenly under a microscope, the incredible guilt that comes with a situation getting out of hand, and the fear and paranoia of an impending trial and escalating media coverage. She urged me to drop the matter for my mental health and the health of those affected.

I voluntarily dismissed the small claims suit, cashed the third and final check sent to me by Dr Jenn, and emailed the CCC to let them know I would stop pursuing the recovery of Martini. I did try to stop the story from airing on NBC-17, but they had already edited the piece and I gave them my consent and told them I simply wanted to move on. Other news outlets in contact were given the same information.

Martini’s items were donated to GentleCare, which will in turn deliver any necessary supplies to the Second Chance Adoption Agency. I have no plans at the moment to adopt another cat. It is my hope that the items I bought for Martini can be used to make another animal happy and comfortable, and that eventually Martini (aka Bella) is given to a family that loves her even more than I do.

The Save Martini facebook page will remain, but will no longer be updated. The final update is here.  As the page has a large number of likes, I urge others to use its reach to post about adoption opportunities, in the hopes of connecting more animals with loving homes.

8 Responses to Saying Farewell to Martini the Cat

  1. Sorry to hear your decision, Corey. I hope you have some closure on this, and wish you the best!

  2. Sorry to hear this, Corey. I do wish you’d let the small claims court continue and let it do its job – bringing CCC before a judge to explain their actions, in hope that they don’t do this again to another client.

  3. Looks like Dr.Jenn…..I mean Shelley finally got to you. I really hope you are okay after this entire ordeal and I hope Tini can find a good home eventually. Too many animals suffer because of people’s selfishness.

  4. Go through all this trouble to raise awareness, file the claim, get contacted by the newspaper, and then dismiss the claim?

    Just let it go through the legal process. At least you would be standing up for what’s right AND hopefully preventing that crazy vet from doing this to someone else in the future.

    The only one who should be stressed out about this is the idiot at CCC.

    • I agree, I think this vet clinic’s actions followed by their very unprofessional response definitely merits it being brought before some kind of judge. Corey has a really strong case, ESPECIALLY after having revealed notes from the other vet.

  5. Jesus Christ, all of you (comments) need to calm down. It is over, no one is an idiot. Just calm down.

  6. But is the clinic going to drop this, seeing as how they have hired a law firm? I would not be surprised if they try to pursue legal action against Ms. Freeman. Although such actions would only further damage their reputation, I would venture to say, based on their actions/words so far, they aren’t overly concerned about their rep.

    • I doubt it. Corey never said anything disparaging about the clinic. She only stated actions taken without value judgments. So there’s nothing there for the clinic to claim.

      And as someone else already pointed out, if they did try to sue her, and based on what’s posted here, they would open themselves up to a countersuit which would be even more harmful to them, financially.